Alan Ayckbourn: Interviews

This section of the website contains various interviews with Alan Ayckbourn including the extensive Alan Yentob interview with the playwright for the 2011 BBC Imagine programme.
The right hand-column will eventually include a significant published interview with the playwright for every year since 1969.
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Interviews: Miscellaneous

Alan Ayckbourn and Ben Travers (1979)
Absent Friends (1997)
Absent Friends (2015)
Absurd Person Singular (2012)
Arrivals & Departures (2013)
Awaking Beauty (2009)
Ayckbourn Archive & the University Of York (2011)
Alan Bennett interviews Alan Ayckbourn (1988)
The Boy Who Fell Into A Book (2001)
By Jeeves (1996)
The Champion Of Paribanou (1996)
Comic Potential (1998)
Communicating Doors (2015)
Confusions (2015)
Dear Uncle / Uncle Vanya (2011)
Drowning On Dry Land (date unknown)
Farcicals (2013)
First Published Ayckbourn Interview (1963)
Haunting Julia (2008)
Hero’s Welcome (2015)
House & Garden (1998)
Improbable Fiction (2005)
It Could Be Any One Of Us (1996)
Joking Apart (2013)
Life & Beth (2008)
Man Of The Moment (1996)
Neighbourhood Watch (2011)
The Norman Conquests (2009)
Roundelay (2014)
Science Fiction & Fantasy (2000)
A Small Family Business (2014)
Snake In The Grass (2008)
Surprises (2012)
Taking Steps (2010)
Things We Do For Love (1997)
Things We Do For Love (2014)
Time Of My Life (2008)
Time Of My Life (2012)
Woman In Mind (2014)
Alan Yentob / BBC’s Imagine (2011)
Alan Ayckbourn Website Interview: 2008
Alan Ayckbourn Website Interview: 2011
Alan Ayckbourn Website Interview: 2012
Alan Ayckbourn Website Interview: 2013
Alan Ayckbourn Website Interview: 2014
Alan Ayckbourn Website Interview: 2015
Alan Ayckbourn Website interview: 2016

Selected Annual Interviews

1969: Radio Times (Brian Finch)
1970: The Guardian (Robin Thornber)
1971: Financial Times (Michael Wale)
1972: Plays & Players (Joan Buck)
1973: The Sunday Times (Philip Oakes)
1974: The New York Times
1975: Vogue
1976: Sunday Times Magazine (Russell Miller)
1977: The Observer (John Heilpern)
1978: Municipal Entertainment (Ian Watson)
1979: The Observer (Janet Watts)
1980: Student (Pauline Young)
1981: Scarborough Evening News (Louise Brindley)
1982: Woman & Home (June Hulbert)
1983: The Daily Telegraph (John Barber)
1984: Yorkshire Post (Michael Hickling)
1985: Irish Times (Carolyn Swift)
1986: The Observer (Steve Grant)
1987: Plays International (Peter Roberts)
1988: Lighting & Sound International (John Offord)
1988: The Guardian (Michael Billington)
1989: International Herald Tribune (Benedict Nightingale)
1990: Plays & Players (Vera Lustig)
1991: The Independent (Sarah Hemming)
1991: Writers News (Judith Superman)
1992: Oxford Today (Graham Topping)
1993: The Haileyburian (Cris Campbell)
1994: Stagebill (Tim Sheridan)
1995: The Independent On Sunday (Robert Butler)
1996: Country Living (Martin Wainwright)
1997: The Observer (Michael Coveney)
1998: The Daily Telegraph (Charles Spencer)
1999: The Sunday Times (Bryan Appelyard)
2000: The Sunday Times (Ann McFerran)
2001: Playbill Online (David Lefkowitz)
2002: The Daily Telegraph (Gyles Brandreth)
2003: The Independent (Paul Taylor)
2004: Ink (Fiona Kelcher)
2005: The Stage (Kevin Berry)
2006: The Times (Judy Meewezen)
2006: The Sunday Telegraph (Alan Strachan)
2007: The Guardian (Stuart Jeffries)
2008: Time (Richard Zoglin)
2009: Time Out (David Cote)
2010: The Times (Valerie Grove)
2011: The Guardian (Andrew Purcell)
2012: BBC Radio Leeds (Liz Green)
2013: Crosscut (Thomas May)
2014: The Times (Benedict Nightingale)
2015: Website (Simon Murgatroyd)
2016: 59E59 Platform Talk (Howard Sherman)

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