Ayckbourn Talks: Kaleidoscope (1984)

This short extract from Alan Ayckbourn was broadcast on BBC Radio's Kaleidoscope on 21 November 1984. Within it, Alan briefly discusses his thoughts on writing.

"I've had to put the brake on recently. I mean I looked back suddenly last year and thought - I've written a full-length musical, a full-length play, two lunchtime shows of 45 minutes each - all in the space of about three months. And it's too much. And I've actually stopped now for a year. I'm actually champing to go actually, on saying this. But it's like a diet, you know, and I'm looking forward to my cream bun round about May when I can get down to writing again.

"One knows instinctively, I think, when you're doing too much, because the ideas just aren't bubbling up and the enjoyment's gone. And I think that was happening a bit too. It was getting a bit of a slog. And I don't think writing in the end - it has to be a slog in the first bit of it, getting it all down - but doing it, directing it, interpreting it, and rediscovering it should always be a tremendous joy in that. And if there isn't suddenly, forget it. The theory of sports-car racing really - it's to do with the flash and panache.

"There's something so important and live about theatre which mustn't be lost."

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