Talks & Recordings by Alan Ayckbourn

Within this section can be found transcriptions of talks given by Alan Ayckbourn and broadcast recordings (Radio, TV & streaming) given by Alan Ayckbourn.

This is a work in progress with further talks & recordings to be added as they are found in archive and transcribed.
Intimate Exchanges
Theatre career, writing - includes appraisal by Peter Hall
Writing & limiting his output
Career & writing
A Small Family Business
Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays
50th birthday and The Revengers' Comedies
Haunting Julia
Directing and working in-the-round
Virtual Reality
The Champion Of Paribanou

Life & theatre career
Sugar Daddies & writing for young people
Open University talk on developing plays ideas
Open University talk on redrafting plays
Open University talk on directing
Opening University talk on staging plays
Early plays and writing
Job as a Radio Drama Producer for the BBC (1965 - 1970)
Working and directing in-the-round
Writing and working in the theatre
Henceforward…, Consuming Passions, Karaoke Theatre Co.
Life and career in theatre
Writing and career in theatre
Taking Steps
Stephen Joseph and his influence
Graduation speech
Joking Apart
Better Off Dead
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