Articles by Alan Ayckbourn

These notes about Henceforward… were written by Alan Ayckbourn in response to an enquiry about the play in 1992.

What Inspired Me To Write Henceforward…

What inspired me to write the play?

Well, several things. A fascination with the way the creative process can so often eclipse real life. It is all too common for artists to plunder real life emotions, to re-use them to their own ends - sometimes at the expense of genuine emotion.

I thought it would be interesting to write a play about a man who whilst searching desperately, personally and professionally, for real love fails to recognise it from his own family.

It is a play about the creative process. And how dangerous it can be.

It's a play about the future, of course. Of one way urban life could develop (some would say in certain areas, has already developed).

It's a play about how we manipulate, or try to manipulate those we choose to live with. In this case how Jerome tries to make the Zoe robot into a perfect woman - but how unsatisfactory the result from the living breathing Zoe, faults and all.

Of our acceptance of sexual stereotypes.

I am also fascinated by the new technology.

I love and used to read a great deal of science fiction.

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