Articles by Alan Ayckbourn

These notes on Bedroom Farce were written by Alan Ayckbourn during 1990.

Trevor & Susannah

I suppose the main thing about them both [Trevor & Susannah) is that they're totally self obsessed. They honestly believe their situation is unique and of all consuming interest to other people.

The problem is that, usually, those sort of people get together with someone slightly more normal and insist on that partner's full and undivided attention. They don't usually get together with each other. That's a real disaster. Both were only children. Both expect the world's undivided attention.

Trevor is based on an actor who once came round to talk to my wife and me about his problems. He talked for several hours until the small hours. My wife went up to bed and left us together. Finally I went to bed as well. He followed me into the bedroom and sat on the end of our bed, still talking. We both went to bed. My wife turned her light out and dozed. He talked on. Finally, I bade him goodnight and turned my own light off. I fell asleep. When we woke he had gone. But I couldn't put that in a play, no one would believe it.

Trevor is a tip. The world's worst turned-out man. Susannah always reminds me of a nervous giraffe. Neurotic, too, of course. Attractive. But totally lacking in any self-confidence. The sort of woman who talks for hours in pubs and tears up beer mats.

They're a really heart-sinking pair to see coming up your drive to a party. The audience enjoy them because they aren't coming up their drive, thank God.

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