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This article about Callisto 5 was written by Alan Ayckbourn for the world premiere in 1990.

Callisto 5

This play is dedicated to Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Brian Aldiss, Stanley Kubrick, whoever it was that made Forbidden Planet, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, every Astronaut who ever flew, Ridley Scott and the team who made Alien, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Patrick Moore, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Pohl and Kornbluth, Paul Anderson, Heather Cooper, Bernard Lovell, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise, John Carpenter, Philip K. Dick, A. E. Van Vogt, Stephen Hawking, John Wyndham, all the Voyager Spacecraft and everyone who has ever excited and intrigued our minds with their thoughts and conjectures about Other Worlds and Other Life Forms (real or unreal).

Callisto 5 is my own small contribution to the sum of their wonderings and imaginings ...

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